With over 60 years of experience...

We deliver our services on time, on budget, to the highest quality and safety standards.

We're a premier provider of oilfield support services with experience you can trust.

High quality engineering, project management, and construction services to the global upstream and downstream oil and gas industry.

Rathole Drilling maintains a leadership status in rat holes, mouse holes, cellars, conductor pipe and technical services.

Instrumentation, maintenance, and technical services to exceed all industrial application needs

Specializing in complete builds of modular control units, we fill your fabrication needs such as spool, control systems, and structures.

Providing complete disaster response and control services from mold prevention to oil-spill recovery.


Why choose Rathole Group?

We have maintained a leadership status in our industry with over six decades of combined experience.  We maintain a reputation for drilling, E&I, fabrication, and response. Our goal is to be on time and within budget, while providing the best services for our clients.

We Value Safety

Safety and integrity is the foundation of our company. To learn more about our procedures, click here.


At the Rathole Group, we leverage our resources, horsepower and expertise to construct and mobilize effective products and services that we’ve come to be known for. That is our reputation.

Looking for expert oil field support services?