About Rathole Group Inc.

Our History

We are a company that originally established ourselves in the onshore drilling industry some 35 years ago.  Rathole Drilling Inc, located in Alice, TX is a leader in ratholes, mouseholes, cellars and conductor pipe all over Texas. We have grown from one truck to over 17 trucks that perform work 364 days a year.

The newly formed Rathole Group, headed up by Taylor Mills, was formed in early 2016 to provide three additional services to the drilling repertoire.  Rathole E&I Services Inc include electrical and pneumatic construction related to electrical equipment installation, emergency management, warning and notification systems, heat tracing, panels and sensors, high and low voltage wiring installations and testing, power, controls, grounding, lighting and equipment installation, substations, switchgear and motor control centers etc..  This group is made up of partners with over 60 years of the aforementioned services experience.

Rathole Fabrication is the fabrication/construction operation of the Rathole portfolio in order to provide a full-service contractor. Our capabilities consist of fabricating all types of skids; meter, compressor, fuel, pipe rack, etc. as well as pipe fabrication, supports, walkways, handrails, etc.  We have welding procedures for carbon and stainless steel.  Ancillary services include everything from water jet cutting to coatings all performed in-house.

Rathole Drilling Fluids is our API drilling-grade barite distribution operation. Rathole Drilling Fluids provides the highest quality barite (4.2 min specific gravity) from the best sources globally, at a price that cannot be beaten.

Lastly, our Rathole Response has been aiding those people and companies affected by Hurricanes Harvey, and Irma. We handle a number of services. Emergency Response, Spill Response, Mold Remediation, Demo Crews, Build Back Crews, Waste Hauling (both liquid and solids), and many more.

Current projects

  • Rathole Fabrication: 17 modular buildings (constructed at our five acre fab shop in Humble) for four different geographical locations (Oregon, North Dakota, New Mexico and Columbia [South America])
  • Rathole E&I Services: construction and wiring of new gas facilities in New Mexico and North Dakota
  • Rathole Drilling: 17 active and operating conductor units in west, east and south Texas
  • Rathole Response:  emergency remediation for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.


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