Drilling Fluids

Our Drilling Fluids Include:

API drilling-grade barite Specific Gravity: 4.20 min Ba(Sr)So4: 92% min Hg: 1ppm max Cd: 3ppm max Ph value: 6 ~ 10 Water soluble alkaline earth metals as calcium: 250mg/kg max

Extractible carbonates: 3000mg/1 max Soluble sulfides: 100mg/1 max Residue greater than 75um: 3.0% max Particle less than 6um: 30%max Moisture: 0.5% max Packaging: 25kg, 100kg or 1000kg bags

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Drilling Fluids

A Leader In Drilling Fluid

Rathole Drilling Fluids maintains a leadership status in drilling fluid quality and delivery throughout its six decades of combined experience. As a privately-owned barite distributor, Rathole repeatedly has delivered its products and services in a manner that is effective and efficient to the customer.

Rathole maintains an API drilling-grade barite quality in various textures from raw ore to powdered/bagged product ready to work across various industry lines in onshore, offshore, chemical, petrochemical, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Rathole is continuously growing both regionally and nationally with over 200 master service agreements and five branch offices throughout the Texas.

Welcome to the leading company delivering services that combine quality, reliability, and compliance!

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